High performance culture and the pursuit of happiness

I’ve been working with Petronas for a good 4 months now and I believe that I manage to blend myself with the culture within the organization. My dad told me that any corporate organizations would not mind to pay you diamond as long as you can deliver similar value or more to them.

7 Habits

On weekly basis, I revisited the 7 habits to make sure that I am aligned and be reminded about the habits of highly effective people. I realized that I made few mistakes in the past and I don’t want to repeat it again.

Apart from that, I know that the formula for happiness at work is to find satisfaction in it. With your colleagues, bosses, departments, divisions, organizations, vendors and every person you interact with.

Thought sometimes you had a bad day at work, but choosing the right response is crucial. My friend’s wallpaper says “Always be kinder that you feel”.

On Beingafirsttimedad.com

My baby is turning to 6 months now and she’s very cute indeed. She melts my heart every single day without fail. And happiness for her meant everything for me and my wife.

We want the best for her, like all parents do. And I recently printed her photos and stick it on my screen monitor as my source of inspiration.

I hope my wife will not read this blog post cause I have planned to create a photobook of our 2nd anniversary 🙂 I thought it would be a nice touch. Thank God for the social coupons on Groupon, Living Social, etc.

Dad’s little advice

And finally, I wish to close this post with dad’s little advice to me. He told me that if there are good things I wish to do which I haven’t done, I should first of all do it. For example, if I wish to giveaway all my old clothes to the charity, I should not procrastinate it any longer. Don’t ever feel that when you give it away, it takes away from you (less wealthy). Allah will replace it with something better.

He don’t listen to Steven Covey’s 7 habits, but he learnt it from his personal experience. In fact, before that, he planned to take part in next year’s Qurban and few minutes after that, he received a call that one family from Bangi would like to stay at our homestay on that night.

Shall I quote the same sayings to my dad like what Thor said to his father, “the will be no wiser King (father) than you”.


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