Why I changed my 9 years old ATM pin

I was using my ex’s identity card number as my ATM card pin mixed with mine since 2005 and I just changed it.

Last Wednesday, I sat down with my two friends, Eizan and Ali after work sharing with them how God work in mysterious way. And I just realised 2 days ago that, I would not have met my wife if it wasn’t because of my ex.

Even at the moment of writing this, I believe my wife didn’t actually this fact.

Flashback 2010 and I got back from the UK and realised that I have thousands of Ringgit Malaysia on my Maybank account. I had the ATM card but I has forgotten the pin number.

But I know for a fact that it was my derived from the previously said source (refer first paragraph). So I got in touch and retrieved the first 4 digits.

What I realised today is the fact that the decision made to use that number was not because of emotional connection or anything because our relationship ended back in 2005.

To me, it was an easy number to remember and I do not want to use mine entirely because if I lost my wallet, the thief would have higher chance of cracking the pin.

Now, I have changed all of my ATM pin. The rest is history.

I feel good that I made that small decision. But it took me 9 years to realised that I was sitting at the border of logic and emotion.

P/s: Forgive me if you think that I wasn’t being truthful. It wasn’t a decision made because of emotion or anything. Purely subconscious and unintentional.


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