27th Years Old. One year review.

A lot of things happened for the last one year (Read 2013 review) which also involves few key decisions I made in life. But I always believe that things happen for a GOOD reason.


The mindset I have now if compared to one year ago is VERY different. I was a married man but now a father with a year old cute little baby girl. Some say that life as a dad is very challenging, but nothing is comparable to the feeling of opening the door every single day when you are back from work and your little girl smiling at you. Acknowledging your presence. I name her Nur Sakinah which means the Light of Peace and Tranquility. And she is really the light of our life as a family. Work wise. I’ve been challenging the status quo and getting things done. But there is still a lot of things that could be done. I learned that there are people who think they are right and they want people to follow what they have in mind. But essentially, being pro-active and taking action is the key to be relevant in an organisation. I have changed the way I deal with people as well. You have to accept the fact that people think and act in a certain way. Their environment shape them to think and act that way.  But always remember to not judge others by their actions and ourself by our intention.

What’s in it for me going towards 28 years of life?

I look forward to new challenges. I want to raise the bar even higher. Slowly, I’ve started to sharpen my saw in the field of property, trade and investment. Day by day, things start to be more relevant and you can see a lot of opportunities. It is whether to knock it or not. Digitally speaking, things are getting more interesting in Malaysia especially in these areas:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Conversion
  • Hybrid Marketing (Offline + Online Marketing)
  • Automated Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • E-Commerce

And yes, reaching 28 is about taking ACTION.


P/s: I’m looking for a Personal Assistant in Malaysia (Klang Valley area), if you know anyone that would like to be interested, please email me at hello@mohdrafie.com


  1. Work 4 days per week
  2. Petrol and phone allowance
  3. KWSP (EPF) and SOCSO
  4. Training

Job Scope:

  1. Help with data collection and entry
  2. To call and follow up calls
  3. Help with company and project filing
  4. Arrange CEO’s tasks and time besides office matters
  5. And other agreed job

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