Old Passion, Reignited

When I was around 6 or 7 years old, one of my favourite subject is Arts. I remember that there were so many things that I have created in classes and some I did bring it back.

Other than the paper collages and cutting potatoes while colouring it with watercolour to be used as stamps. Onions, banana leaves and more! But I still remember when everything ends…

During that day, were we supposed to produce a still life drawings. A flower in a vase. I am so into it because it was just pencil and paper. I went deep into it that I was so proud of it. And it ended when my teacher asked me to “colour it” and I refused to do so. I was told that everything should ends with colour. Which I failed miserably because I wasn’t sure how to make it “real”.

And that was it. The last time I sketch and draw something. I have been using Photoshop since 2003 but the feel isn’t the same. Whenever I wanted to join an arts club or classes, the “colouring” portion of it makes me feel intimidated. And I have allowed my passion to dive deeper into the abbyss.

But it is different now.

After 3 years working with GALERI PETRONAS, interaction with artists and their artworks, I found my passion reignited. I didn’t know until the age of 26 that there are artists which large sum of their work if not entirely is based on charcoal on canvas. And not talking about colours and medium!

Since last year, I have decided to sketch, draw and now slowly fueling up my passion. Some works are doodle, some are sketches, some are which hard for me to explain yet have deeper meaning to myself.

Now that I know. I will not stop!



A short (art) trip

Few hours ago, I was invited to visit the studio of a local artist. I have never been to one since 2013. Before the trip, I hesitate to visit but when I ask myself when is the last time you try something new? I decide that 30 minutes visit should be good for a start.



Today, I learn about permission. It is a simple concept but it gives respect to anyone that should be credited. We will get ourselves in trouble if we do not have the permission.

The concept of private and public.

The idea of close and open.

The theory of off and on.