It doesn’t have to hurt

That is the exact word that I learn and try to live from last year. It means that you need to let go of the pain that has been holding you all this while.

Whether it is physical, mental or emotional. The equation is still the same.

For years, I’ve been thinking that pain is normal. It is indeed not. Well, we either become immune to it or we suffer for it silently.

Now, this year is about letting go of the necessary…

I’m not sure of the future.

But I’m sure that it doesn’t have to hurt anymore.

I choose to be happy.

Why aren’t you?

Not everything that you lose is a loss


Old Passion, Reignited

When I was around 6 or 7 years old, one of my favourite subject is Arts. I remember that there were so many things that I have created in classes and some I did bring it back.

Other than the paper collages and cutting potatoes while colouring it with watercolour to be used as stamps. Onions, banana leaves and more! But I still remember when everything ends…

During that day, were we supposed to produce a still life drawings. A flower in a vase. I am so into it because it was just pencil and paper. I went deep into it that I was so proud of it. And it ended when my teacher asked me to “colour it” and I refused to do so. I was told that everything should ends with colour. Which I failed miserably because I wasn’t sure how to make it “real”.

And that was it. The last time I sketch and draw something. I have been using Photoshop since 2003 but the feel isn’t the same. Whenever I wanted to join an arts club or classes, the “colouring” portion of it makes me feel intimidated. And I have allowed my passion to dive deeper into the abbyss.

But it is different now.

After 3 years working with GALERI PETRONAS, interaction with artists and their artworks, I found my passion reignited. I didn’t know until the age of 26 that there are artists which large sum of their work if not entirely is based on charcoal on canvas. And not talking about colours and medium!

Since last year, I have decided to sketch, draw and now slowly fueling up my passion. Some works are doodle, some are sketches, some are which hard for me to explain yet have deeper meaning to myself.

Now that I know. I will not stop!


End of Apple era? Or lack of innovative ideas?

Since Steve Jobs left this world, I personally haven’t seen anything innovative like these products I own(ed):

Apple 24″ iMAc

Yes, I have gotten the non-white body iMac.


I bought this to launch my freelance career.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2G

The “jack” that also being used to charge the iPod.


Apple Macbook Pro 13″

Aluminium unibody!


This one was stolen in 2010.

Apple (New) Macbook Air


Super fast. Good battery life and Magsafe 2.

This Inc article made me to put this into blog writing as my prediction of shop closure at Suria KLCC mall is quite accurate and I thought it would also be the same for this brand, in which yet to come one with a phone good enough for me to buy.

There are more than the above when it comes to innovation for apple, even the introduction of “Mission Control”, “Spaces” and “Hot corners” are enough to justify how their products innovate and revolutionise the way we work and think (at least myself).

The beginning of the end?

But, few triggers made me feel “the beginning of the end” is already happening:

  • Selling of cheap iPhone (iPhone 5c) = lack of focus. Milking the cash cow?
  • Introduction of new names for OS X = Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra. Really?
  • Too much variation of screen sizes (iPhone, iPad) = This is what you get when you listen too much to the people. When they revolutionise few years back, they disrupt their market with their products, but now they are disrupted.

I can sense that there is an internal conflict or belief within the organisation. Lack of trust? Lack of conviction? But something is wrong somewhere. But I still put my bet on Jonathan Ive but if he left the company or having an early retirement (age: 49, btw), then I can be sure.

Till then, I still hope for the best despite a shitty iPhone 7 launch. I’ll skip this one and still waiting for the amazing/best iPhone since iPhone.



Focused Execution

When we wish to deliver certain project or task with the best possible way, there are so many things that will go inside of our mind. And you shouldn’t be scared of that. If you are nervous about it, that is a good start because it means you are not sure whether it is going to work or not.

But more important than that, you will be learning something new. Something to break your upper limit and at the end of it, you will gain a new set of experience. Perhaps you expanded your network, you gained positive feedback, you get to know someone better, you understand certain underlying concept or idea better or even if it doesn’t. You still learn. So, don’t be scared.

You might ask, where should I start?


Provided that you clear with what the expectations are (Rule number ZERO), then you will start by analysis the resources you currently have. Some of which can be summarised as follows:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Technology
  4. Contacts / Network
  5. Experience
  6. Management

Having lack of any of the above, you will need to start to be resourceful. Not giving excuses. Find the time you may need, collaborate, start picking up phone, ask permission and many more. As Tony Robbins said in his TED talk, lack of resources are not the real problem, not being resourceful is.


Having a team is useful, but knowing to select your team members are even more important because you can leverage on the strength of your team members. The ability to profile and understand how to leverage are two things that you need to start learn.

Learn to observe what your future team members are good at. And don’t be shy to ask about their passion. As a leader (regardless whether you are the team lead or not), it is vital to get all the team members to believe in the idea.

If you are trying to rob a bank and you are gathering your team, you won’t be recruiting a member that doesn’t believe in the idea. Especially if it is a crazy idea!

It may take some time for you to have a team member, but collaboration with a set of people that might joint force is another possible way as well.

On top of things

Always be on top of things even if you are reporting the task to someone, regardless President or Board of Directors. Ask yourself 1 million questions and be prepared with the answers, reasons and justifications. They will appreciate you doing the extra mile and consider all options.

This is the part where you will learn and experience so many first things. The most useful thing you can do now is to unlearn and learn back again. Expect nothing in return but experience. You shall be in good hands. Although it might be rocky, but keep calm as it is nothing compared to the pain of quitting.

Getting Things Done

When it comes to the things that specifically need your attention, get it done with the upmost respect to yourself. Don’t do it for others.

Watch and learn how to learn, how you think, how you react, how you feel and how you judge. If stuck, take a short break and a step back to see the whole picture. Share your challenges and brainstorm the solution.

And don’t forget to enjoy what you do.

It is also important to be self-aware of your surroundings. Don’t miss doing the things you always do. If your habit is running, don’t stop for the sake of getting things done. Your non-negotiables are your non-negotiables (see italic sentence above).

Room for improvement

Always look for room for improvement in what you do. Spend some time thinking of what you can do better. Getting feedback from other people is very useful. You may enjoy the good feedback but at the same time take note on the negative ones. Those gaps are meant to be filled. And should you are responsible to give feedback, be objective and honest with it. When a person asking for an honest feedback, don’t sugar coat.

And perhaps after the end of everything, you will not realise that you have improved based on the feedback you received. Even if you fail, owning what you are supposed to do is an act of integrity. Sir Ken Robinson said, “if you are not prepared to be wronged (Personal Note: or I would also consider fail), you will never come up with something new.”

3 Reasons Why You Should Write A Book and How I Can Help You Too

It was end of March, I have sent the final transcript to the printer. While people is stressing about GST, I am happy that I have fulfilled one my life goal – writing and publishing my first book.

Back in 2007, I thought of writing a motivational book about Work, Love and Life. But I realised that I need more time to gain the content I need for work. So, I am focusing on what I have been doing for the past 3 years and sharing it to the people. After 3 months, I am now sharing 3 reasons why you should write a book and then I am sharing you how I can help you to write and publish yours too!

It is all about giving. Sharing.


When you write a book, you will be able to share your experience, expertise and document it in a form that has been used for many centuries.

Plus, if you put your book on Google Books for example, you are allowing the world to find related content to the subject and in a way you are “sharing” it to the world.

Need I say more?

Network. Network. Network

With other property book authors in Gombak last month.
With other property book authors in Gombak in May 2015.

I visited my friend, Ahyat Ishak during Prospek Hartanah event in Gombak and I was called to the stage to basically take pictures with other property gurus in Malaysia together with the books written by all of us (namely Ahyat, Ali Majis, Ishmael Ho).

When you write a book, you will be able to expand your network within the niche you are focus on. It is also a positioning method for yourself and associate yourself with the people you want to be with.

“Your network is your net worth” anyway. So, write a book!

Your Expertise. Your Voice.


And when no one in your niche write a book and you are the first one to write it. Your have the VOICE. Your will be able to establish your territory and influence the niche.

You can now explore and knock doors of opportunities such as giving talks, organising seminars, personal coaching and you can repackage your book as an ebook.

Now, I believe you have enough reasons to write a book.

If I can do it in less than 1 month to finish a book while I spent another to smell my own book. You can do it too.

So, let me help you as I am opening a new course as follows:

Course Title: Your Book Your Voice

I am now offering one week book writing course for you to follow and learn the start till the end of book writing, publishing, marketing and selling.

No frills. You will have the access, anytime, anywhere.

From as low as USD 470 only!

Register your interests today, for more info, you may email me at

See you at the top! 🙂


Vendor Management System in Malaysia

Today, I have visited couple of “vendor” type boutique around Shah Alam and one in Puchong. Basically, vendor boutique is a boutique where the owner rented the designated spaces to any vendors interested to sell their product at the shop. You may have 60 different brands and companies in one shop and all of them are renting the spaces which generally sized at 1200 – 1600 square feet.

I have observed that there are a lot of opportunities that the vendors’ shop owners can grab and technologies that they can leverage (especially things that I can offer to help), so here are 5 things would complete their Vendor Management System, well at least in Malaysia.

Online E-Commerce System as a marketplace

Since most of the vendors’ shop owners originally sell their products online. They should already have an e-commerce site which should be integrated with online payment gateway like WebCash, iPay88 and Molpay.

And by turning their existing e-commerce site into a marketplace for their vendors, they can:

  1. Offer additional added value service to their vendors – more sales channels. Long term relationship.
  2. Perhaps, earn commission from sales.
  3. Collect and share online database of customers (will be explained more below).
  4. Provide notification system for vendors to be notified of the sales via online channels.
  5. Provide dashboard for vendors for them to know which of their products are currently performing and which aren’t.

The cost to do this is between RM 5,000 – RM 15,000 to make sure it is done properly. And of course, system upgrade is needed to cater the traffic coming to the website.

But the ROI could be unimaginable. This is the 20% effort that could yield 80% results.

So, if you’re a vendor, you might want to suggest your boutique owners to implement this system.

Customer Relationship Management System and Mailing System

A good e-commerce system will come with customer relationship management system. But it depends on how extensive you would like it to be. There are many ways to look at what CRM could do to you, some include:

  • Collect customer information (name, email, phone)
  • Gather information about spending behaviour (how much the spent and how often) – this information will help you to understand them more and push for targeted campaign for these group of spenders.
  • Send periodic marketing campaign seamlessly and better, if you can schedule it AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Monitor the online campaign sent. Which one perform better than the other. And it includes when is the best time to send an email to your customer (time, day, date, week, month). Some call it email marketing, I call it “you should do this already”.

Generally, the cost varies from RM 500 – RM 3,000 per month depending on how large your target group is. Remember, you may collect as many info as you want, but knowing your ideal customer that spend the most money should be your focus.

Inventory Management System

And some new vendors’ boutique owner still manually keep track of the items on their shop which I see counter productive. Some e-commerce system I have built may be extended into having this option. And even alert the marketplace owner (website admin) of which product will be running out soon and which one is out of stock.

And the system is smart enough to suggest to the customer which item is hot and trending which should motivate the boutique owners and vendors.

Other stuff

I would be more than happy to work with boutique owners to get these things aligned and customise their budget for the vendor management system. Things like:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Targeted advertising technique with Facebook and Google Adwords
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Branding and PR training
  • Cost optimisation training

are some of the things that I might offer along the way or in the beginning.

So, if you are:

  • vendors’ boutique owners
  • vendors

that would like to know more, you may contact me via:

or fill up the following form:

No strings attached. Free consultation. Coffee is fine 😉

Don’t put your valuable content of Facebook. Here’s why.

We make the same mistakes over and over again. Why? Because we are excited with the new discovery we had. And the “seems” best platform to share it is on your Facebook page, regardless personal or company page.

One thing about Facebook updates: It doesn’t stick.

Your “new discovered theory or knowledge” will be flushed by the massive newsfeed by other people. Unless, people are actively sharing, commenting and liking your status – which adds to the life cycle of the update.

And I am sure that at some point, you will be browsing your timeline to search for that one FB status that you wrote long time ago. Indeed, it is a daunting task to do.

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Content Immortal

Step 1: Write your content on your blog or website.

If you don’t have it. Hire someone to build it for you. Even if you are a standard pre-built design template for a start. Improvise along the way.

Step 2: Write “teasing” or “alluring” headline and summary.

Provide your website link at the end of the FB status. Inviting them to visit your website and blog.

Step 3: Searchable content

If you need to refer to it in the future, you can search on your website. It is now a “content library”. Besides it is search engine friendly.

I hope this will change the way you look at how website should be the focal point as Facebook is a social channel for interaction. While you yourself should own the content.

Consider it as your investment 😉