29 replies to Jeff Bezos’s Amazon Interview Questions (Part 1)

Inc.com published this article on 29 Interview Questions Amazon Uses and I would like to give it a shot (as-an-when basis). Here it goes.

1. “Who was your most difficult customer?”

The one that kept quiet. It is hard because you can force the horse to go to the river. But you can’t force it to drink. But the secret is to (1) Establish the form of communication. (2) Keeping the momentum. (3) Understand that he/she is a human and they decide best.

At the end of the day, he/she might not buy it now. Maybe later. If not this product, the other product from your store. Business is when needs are fulfilled. Economically speaking, supply meets demand.

2. “How would you introduce AWS in an elevator pitch?”

The solution that wasn’t available a decade ago. It is made available with a friction of a cost allowing you to replicate your applications that can serve your customer all over the world. Scalable is the keyword. If you don’t need it now. You will need it in the future because this is the future.

3. “What is the worst mistake you ever made?”

Not opening myself up for possibilities. Between 20 – 25 years old, my focus was to do ALL things possible my way, the way I want it to be. But now, 3 years later. I realised that although I manage uncover a lot of things, the secret is to allow openness.

In terms of learning and in terms of accepting that you can’t do all things by yourself. The secret to living is growing and in order to grow, we must learn. And to learn, we must be open. #kisahorangbiasa

4. “If your direct manager was instructing you to do something you disagreed with, how would you handle it?”

This isn’t the first time. During the first few, I found hesitation in myself, but sooner I realised that it didn’t do me any good. Despite the different personality that I have with my superior, but I always ask this question to myself everyday:

When is the last time you try something new?

So, I believe that I just need to do deal with it and treat it as something new. There must be something I can learn. Or if it is a vicious cycle, you will learn “how not to be someone”.

5. “Describe what Human Resource means to you.”

Anthony Robbins mentioned in his TED Talk that most people complain about lack of resources. “I don’t have enough staff”, for example. And human is part of the equation or resource.

Network = Net worth. So, human resource is putting the value to the time and energy spent by the people.

6. “What is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand in an analog clock?”

Depending on your time. I don’t have the exact mathematics calculation on top of my head but if you consider. 3am (hour hand at 3, minute hand at 12). That is a 90 degrees. And you can divide them into 3 which is 30 degrees for each distance between 1 and 2 for example. The rest, you can deduce from there.

7. “How do you detect whether or not a word is a palindrome?”

To be honest. I don’t know the effective way. But what pops on top of my head now is drawing a line in the middle of all characters combine. And check if left side is similar to right from the centre. Done.

8. “Do you know our CEO? How do you pronounce his name?”

Jeff Bezos. I have been pronouncing his name the way it should. Double checked it on several video sources.

9. “Here’s a string with numbers from 1-250 in random order, but it’s missing one number. How will you find the missed number?”

This is quite challenging. To be honest I don’t know how. Perhaps sort the numbers from 1 – 50, 51 – 100, 101 – 150, 151 – 200 and 201 – 250 and check the unfortunate column.

10. “Are you willing to work on your feet for ten hours, four days a week?”

Sure. I just need a standing workstation and permission to wear whatever shoes I want to wear.

11. “Do you think you’ll reach a point where you storm off the floor and never return?”

It is hard to say but so far I will know if I am “falling” and I will bring myself up again. I prefer to keep quiet and not say anything.

When you’re up to this point, ask yourself?

Is this worst then death? No. Good!

12. “Would you tell on an employee for stealing?”

It is code of conduct. I will personally tell him/her. Even in a single note but this will be on my personal record. If it happens again, it is time for face-to-face. If it happens again, HR it is.

Sometimes, people didn’t know it is “stealing”.

13. “How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?”

Just solve the problem if you can. If you can’t communicate, find a way to do so and solve the problem. People don’t care where you are coming from. Stay focus on the problems.

14. “How do you persuade people?”

I influence them with what I have done and what I am willing to do for them. Mutual understanding. Mutual respect. Perhaps we can reach to a mutual agreement and expectations.

Communicate effectively.

15. “Describe what happens in your browser as soon as you hit enter after writing a URL in the address bar.”

With my little knowledge, URL is mapped to an IP. Basically you will request for information (download) from that IP to be displayed. It will travel through the wire and go through the tunnel where the IP is located. Then the packets will be sent back to you and displayed on your screen.

(Part 1 – 15 December 2015, 5:30PM)


Image credit: ceoworld.biz

High performance culture and the pursuit of happiness

I’ve been working with Petronas for a good 4 months now and I believe that I manage to blend myself with the culture within the organization. My dad told me that any corporate organizations would not mind to pay you diamond as long as you can deliver similar value or more to them.

7 Habits

On weekly basis, I revisited the 7 habits to make sure that I am aligned and be reminded about the habits of highly effective people. I realized that I made few mistakes in the past and I don’t want to repeat it again.

Apart from that, I know that the formula for happiness at work is to find satisfaction in it. With your colleagues, bosses, departments, divisions, organizations, vendors and every person you interact with.

Thought sometimes you had a bad day at work, but choosing the right response is crucial. My friend’s wallpaper says “Always be kinder that you feel”.

On Beingafirsttimedad.com

My baby is turning to 6 months now and she’s very cute indeed. She melts my heart every single day without fail. And happiness for her meant everything for me and my wife.

We want the best for her, like all parents do. And I recently printed her photos and stick it on my screen monitor as my source of inspiration.

I hope my wife will not read this blog post cause I have planned to create a photobook of our 2nd anniversary ­čÖé I thought it would be a nice touch. Thank God for the social coupons on Groupon, Living Social, etc.

Dad’s little advice

And finally, I wish to close this post with dad’s little advice to me. He told me that if there are good things I wish to do which I haven’t done, I should first of all do it. For example, if I wish to giveaway all my old clothes to the charity, I should not procrastinate it any longer. Don’t ever feel that when you give it away, it takes away from you (less wealthy). Allah will replace it with something better.

He don’t listen to Steven Covey’s 7 habits, but he learnt it from his personal experience. In fact, before that, he planned to take part in next year’s Qurban and few minutes after that, he received a call that one family from Bangi would like to stay at our homestay on that night.

Shall I quote the same sayings to my dad like what Thor said to his father, “the will be no wiser King (father) than you”.

7 Steps to Happiness

I found this shared over by my Facebook friends. So, I thought I keep it here to remind myself there are seven ways to be happy. Life is hard, but do one of these, perhaps you could smile even for a while.


  1. Think Less, Feel More
  2. Frown Less, Smile More ­čÖé
  3. Talk Less, Listen More
  4. Judge Less, Accept More
  5. Watch Less, Do More
  6. Complain Less, Appreciate More
  7. Fear Less, Love More

May you be happy everyday!

Credit: To the original poster of this 7 Steps to Happiness.

What my mom thought me about bootstrapping


I wanted to start my own private limited company and start hiring people. I asked my mom whether I should:

  1. Take a business loan from the bank
  2. Get a steady paying gig and save on the side for the funding box
  3. Start with the business using my own savings

I told my mom that I do have enough savings, but it is risky considering I have a family.

If I were to take a business loan which I believe I can commit to it, I would be happy. But I think I have to wait after the election (5th May 2013). But I do not like owing to the bank due to the interest.

So, my mom told me to go for Option 2. Find a steady paying gig whether job or client and save some money on the side specifically for the new business funding.

It might take awhile but I will be financially stable. And who knows I would love what I do.

We’ll see.


Grandma passed away

I do not shed any tears, maybe because I am shocked.

Yet to believe that the only grandma you have in this world passed away.

My late grandma didn’t manage to see my first baby. She guessed that it is a girl. We will know soon.

That day

I drive back on Sunday morning from KL and it took me 1.5 hours using the highway and another hour on the normal road. We took several stops and reached around 11.00am. At that time, the van that carried my grandma just arrived.

Her body is carried inside the house for other family members to pay their last tribute. The atmosphere is totally different and you know that everyone is in a deep grief. I watched from far. Mom cried as she lost the only mother she had. Her eyes were red.

Dad told mom to hold on to what we feel inside. Grandma passed away and the best we can do is to pray for her.

After everyone perform the funeral prayer, the body is being carried inside the van again for the funeral.

Everyone is asked on how she was during her lifetime. Everyone replied, “good”. And a family┬árepresentative┬áannounced that if grandma had any debt during her lifetime that need to be paid, it can be collected from the family members.

We all then went to the graveyard.

Car is blocked

Unfortunately, my car is blocked by other cars and it took me few minutes to start my journey. When I reached there, the body has been put in the grave. The earth covers the hole by half and it is completed within half and hour.

Indeed, everything is simple. And that is the end of life in this world as we know. From the Earth we are created, and we shall return to it.


We are then back to arrange few prayers and welcoming guests.


I decide to stop working or doing anything. I shoot an email before I leave to let people know if they are looking for me. Nothing matters now. I would rather  lose a job or business deal, than not being there for the family.

Tribute to Grandma

She told me one lesson in life that I will always remember:

No matter how high you obtained your degree or if you have high paying job, never forget your five daily prayers.

Grandma, you’re greatly missed by all. May you rest in peace and gather among His pious servants. Ameen.

Everybody wants to be a HERO. Is it your thingy?

Since we are small, we are given the idea of heroism. Hero is good, bad guys are bad. Dad is a hero. We are all hero from the single cell perspective. If someone help us with something we need it badly, we say, “You’re my hero!” And plenty movies …

Since we are small, we are given the idea of heroism. Hero is good, bad guys are bad. Dad is a hero. We are all hero from the single cell perspective. 


If someone help us with something we need it badly, we say, “You’re my hero!” And plenty movies that position a person as a hero, where the world seems to revolve around him.

Like other (super) heroes, they to do things themselves. Even within a team, each will do their own stuff as each has their own ability. 

I decided to be an elf that works for people. Let them be the hero. I think it is more fun. As I get more chance to do things I love and not what people would expect me to do.

Things might get stressful when you don’t deliver. But, *having own building which power is self-sustain is kind of cool, right? Maybe I’ll be a hero for myself for a day, a week.

*Stark Tower Avengers (Movie) 2012

More organized digital life

Not organized I have my old blog at http://mohdrafie.co.uk/blog Organized I’m going to transfer the content here. Easy. Inspired by @bearwithclaws // Not organized Portfolio Organized Everything is now on Behance network – http://be.net/mohdrafie

Not organized

I have my old blog at http://mohdrafie.co.uk/blog


I’m going to transfer the content here. Easy. Inspired by @bearwithclaws


Not organized



Everything is now on Behance network – http://be.net/mohdrafie


Not organized

Main website – http://mohdrafie.co.uk


Turn it into a landing page


Not organized

Latest CV


Updated profile is on LinkedIn – http://my.linkedin.com/in/mohdrafie


So, job is done for the next few months. Now I can focus on my plan to start my own business this Ramadhan. InsyaAllah