Oil and Gas employees are now at the bottom of the food chain?

Going through this hard time of oil plummet. I believe it is interesting to record and thin slice things happening around the country or world.

After budget cuts and right-sizing strategy across the industry, I have received this email screenshot related to the loans and financing application for employees of oil and gas industry.


In my recent chart analysis that indicates the down trend of the commodity seems to be made worse when information like this being shared.

It seems like financial institutions will now further tighten the process and deal with things on case to case basis when they want to lend their “borrowed” money.

For now, the employees of OGA companies are (I can say) officially at the bottom of the food chain. Struggling to even survive as if the job security problem is solved yesterday.

Darkest hour? Or we are at the bottom of the abyss yet?

Stay strong. Perhaps this is the time to have hope even when there is none spared.

For every downturn, there must be something in store for all of us.

I am trying to be optimist indeed. And more importantly grateful if I am comparing myself to the people that were badly affected.

When I asked fellow colleagues what happened during 97 and 98 financual crisis, there was no increment. Let alone bonus. Maybe, we should think that having a job now is considered a bonus.


Digital journey of Galeri Petronas

Since July, I was appointed to be the PR & Online Communication for Galeri Petronas and the mission is to manage the digital presence of Galeri Petronas.

20th Anniversary

This year, Galeri Petronas is commemorating the 20th Anniversary in conjunction with 50th Malaysia Day and I feel that it is the right point to start a new journey. I am putting all of my effort and invite everyone looking at the future with the reference of the past.

And looking at the digital ecosystem in Malaysia as a whole, it is the right time to be presence and not too late to catch up if you are fairly new.

All things digital

I am sure that you have read about the comparison between the digital and traditional media – the pros and cons of both. But personally, if I were to place my personal bet, it will be digital in any case for some of the reasons I am going to outline below:

Targeted Niche

Within just few clicks and tweaks, we can setup a targeted Facebook ads for our digital campaign. It costs much cheaper and get the message across.

During the old days, people will go to the market to buy the products. But now, the market will come to where the people are e.g. Facebook. That is simply smart if you asked me.


For each dollar that goes out, we want to know where it goes and what it gives us. And a good analyst will look into what the insights data tell us about a campaign or effort.

Hence, when looking at executing a digital advertising campaign, we will look into:

  • What type of messages that would attract more people?
  • What channels are most effective?
  • When we should post the message? Duration, frequency, timing.
  • What are the risk and assumptions made? And how do we address them.
  • How we could improve it?

Split testing

Interesting enough we could use a split testing method (A/B testing) for our digital campaign and obtain a real-time data feed/result. So, we can determine which landing page, advertising copy, image chosen are effective for the digital campaign.

 Never ending, but milestones

As of now, we still couldn’t see the horizon for a new era other than digital. And like I mentioned earlier, we are still at the early stage. The key is to prioritize and take one step at a time.